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Dr Mah Clinic

Dr Maha AlSaid is an obstetrician, gynecologist and infertility specialist practicing in her clinic located in Jordan, Amman

She is dedicated to providing her patients with the highest clinical care and best surgical outcome

My mission is to inspire hope, relieve suffering, promote wellness and treat illnesses with the use of latest medical developments available


Birth is one of the most precious moment in the woman's life and it is an honor to me to share this moment with my patients 


This website provides medical information in a simple way that anyone can understand  regardless of his/her educational level.

Our purpose of this website to help people know their body and possible medical conditions they may suffer from throughout their life. 

Self diagnosis shouldn't be based on this website's information and you need to consult your doctor and go through complete physical examination in order to reach the accurate diagnosis and hence the appropriate therapy

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